AAWN offers customers the unique combination of both carrier-neutrality and our own broadband international network. This approach empowers both your networking and colocation worlds simultaneously. You have the freedom to choose any carrier, and you have the power that comes with having a "Tier 1" network integrally docked at the doorstep of your colocation space. Best yet, AAWN brings the network and colocation worlds together by helping you design an integrated colocation solution.

State-of-the-Art and Secure

UPS devices deployed in parallel redundant configuration with N+3 redundancy to diesel generators. 60 tons of air-conditioning to 15,000 sq. ft of static free and humidity-controlled (40% (+/- 5%)) server rooms keep AAWN running at a chilly 58 degrees (+/- 2 degrees) which ensures maximum server reliability. All air-conditioning in configured with N+3 redundancy.
Emergency backup systems that include a 2000 KW diesel powered generator capable of powering AAWN for more than 72 hours.
AAWN contains a separate, limited-access room for its co-located servers.
BGP4 is being used on all border and core routers to ensure the closest and quickest path between every request is utilized.
Racks - 19'' and 23''seismically braced with earthquake straps
Cabling - Category 5 & Category 6 & Fiber SX / LX
AAWN is a carrier-neutral facility with cross-connects available to all bandwidth providers on 10Mbps, 100Mbps or 1000Mbps (GigE) connections.
Security Specifications:
24/7 Security Guard on duty. No one gets into the facility or building without proper clearance.
Motion detectors
Internal cameras
24/7 Alarm monitoring by police, fire and emergency

Overhead Cable Management and Ladder Racking:

Provides easy access to all cabling while deterring obstructions from under the raised flooring.

The Power of Being Integral to the AAWN Network

Because our data centers form a critical part of AAWN's infrastructure, colocation customers can easily add connectivity options to their space without looking to a separate provider.

At our facilities, you can choose from a full suite of AAWN connectivity options:

If you appreciate being close to the source, there's no better choice than AAWN. All the services mentioned above ride an infrastructure built from the ground up by AAWN and it's long standing partnerships.

Rapid Response

When you call with a problem, AAWN solves it fast. AAWN provides numerous hands-on support options through our AAWN Tech service, which is available around the clock in every facility. A paid-by-the-hour service, AAWN Technicians give you the advantage of AAWN's world-class field service organization and our 24-7 (NOC) services to satisfy your installation and maintenance requirements.

Industry-Leading Coverage

AAWN operates in data centers across the U.S. Many of our facilities are IP-enabled Gateways that give you a choice of cabinets or suites, custom or pre-built configurations, AC or DC power, and the entire gamut of networking services.